I take COVID-19 seriously

What I do…

These are difficult, sometimes difficult times. These times require a different approach than I would normally take. On this page you can read more about the photo reports in an era in which we have to keep our distance and adhere to hygiene rules.

When we make an appointment for a photo shoot, it is important that we keep sufficient distance from each other. I make sure that this distance will not be visible on the photos to be taken.

If the photo shoot takes place indoors, I will ask you to properly ventilate the room in which we are present. If necessary, I can – in consultation – bring one or more fans.

I use the Dutch health institute of the governement as official guideline.


If you have health complaints or are you ill, it is possible to cancel the appointment. Obviously I do not charge for this.

Canceling the appointment can also come from me if I have health problems.

Which health complaints?

As stated before, I use the information of the Dutch governement and this is the information that can be found on the website

Bij verkoudheidsklachten (zoals neusverkoudheid, loopneus, niezen, keelpijn) moet je thuisblijven. Ook bij hoesten, benauwdheid, verhoging/koorts of bij plotseling verlies van reuk en/of smaak (zonder neusverstopping).


When you have a cold (such as a cold in the nose, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat) you should stay at home. Also with coughing, breathlessness, increase / fever or with sudden loss of smell and / or taste (without nasal congestion).

If you are not sure, please consult in advance.

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