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Frequently Asked Questions

A better question should be: who is De fotograferende huisvader?

This is an initiative of Harm Jagerman, also known as De Goede Huisvader.

Translated from Dutch to English:

  • De fotograferende huisvader = The photographing family father
  • De Goede Huisvader = The good family father

If you want to make an appointment for something else (for your organisation or company), this is also possible.

Not at all! Even pets can be the center of attention!

Certainly not! I am a self employed professional since 2010.

As a standard service, I will provide the photos in digital format.

No problem! I can do that too!

My prices are listed on this page.

Yes, 21% to be precise.

If you’re willing to pay for the ticket…

My service area consists of The Netherlands.

No problem, contact me via +31 6 83 07 28 54 or [email protected].

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